Workshop "Investigating the records of past earthquakes"

Erice (Sicily), Italy, 1-7 July 2002 

Workshop and post-conference field-trip

  Photo Album: the field-trip (7-10 July)

July 7, Selinunte. Quick Time
Virtual Reality. By Romano

Listening to Fabrizio.
By Max

Susan and Roger B.
By Kevin

July 7, Agrigento. Alessandro Amato, Ilaria, Max, Jean, Robin, Rumiana and Raffaele. By Tousson

July 8, visit of the ruins
of Occhiola'. By Max

By Max

By Ina

A rest in Granmichele. Alessandro
and Ilaria. By Ina

July 8, visit of the ruins of Noto Antica. By Jian

By Kevin

July 9, Noto.
By Paola

Raffaele and Ilaria, Sarkis
in Noto's Church.
By Tousson

Noto: Max and Ina
By Paola

Noto square. Badia, Arancha,
Tousson, Monika and America.
By Tousson

Noto, leaving to Catania.
By Roger M.

July 9, Etna Volcano. By Monika

Etna: Rumiana. By Max

Etna: Walter. By Ina

Salvatore and Raffaele. By Ina

By Ilaria

By Kevin

By Paola

Roger, Virginia and Max, aka
the Three Directors. By Paola

July 9, dinner in Nicolosi. Roger M., Hazel and Paola. By Ina

Jean, Iaakov and Virginia.
By Ina

Paola, Max and Alessandro Bonaccorso. By Ilaria
Abdunnur, Attia, Djillali and Reda.
By Virginia

Fina, Raffaele, Salvatore and Haykanush. From Haykanush

Carmen, Antonio, Elkin, Ruben, Monika, Arancha, Sarkis, Ilaria, Alessandro and Emanuela. By Ina

America, Rumiana, Blagovesta,
Badia, Habib, Abdunnur, Djillali,
Reda and Natalia. By Ina

Wang, Robin, Gaye and Colin, Katsuhiko, Gottfried, Kevin, Giuliana and Georg. By Ina

Arranging departures.
By Ina.

Reda, Robin, Colin, Gaye, Ina.
By Ilaria
Massimo, Salvatore and Raffaele.
By Ilaria

America, Virgina and Natalia.
By Ilaria