About the use of cookies in this website

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored in your computer that contains data that can be read by the websites you visit.

2. What do cookies do?

Cookies might be used for various purposes: athentication, page monitoring, storing information on the user configuration or custom settings.

3. What is a "technical" cookie?

A "technical cookie" is used for supporting the user navigation or to enable a service requested by the user. These cookies are not used for anything else and they are created and used exclusively by the owner of the website your are visiting.

Without the use of cookies, some tasks cannot be performed, or they can be performed only with additional, complex, and less secure, operations. Cookies let identify the user, and allows to perform specific task using a secure and effective solution.

4. For which tasks cookies are used in this website?

This website use cookies exclusively to set the language of the text presented in each webpage.