NA4: a Distributed Archive of Historical Earthquake Data
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D1 Reference catalogue and guidelines ("Working File 1000-1600")
- see D6 -
D2 Electronic archive of historical earthquake studies (demo version), June 2009
D3 Macroseismic estimation of earthquake parameters, November 2008
D4 European Macroseismic Database (demo version) 1000-1600, M>5.0, October 2008
D5 The European Earthquake Catalogue
(demo version) 1000-1600
D6 The Comprehensive NA4 Working File 1000-1750,
June 2009

D6 incorporates and expands D1
D7 European Macroseismic Database 1000-1750, M>5.0, June 2009
D7 incorporates and expands the previous D4
D8 European Earthquake Catalogue 1900-1963, M>5.8, June 2010
D9 European Macroseismic Database 1000-1963, M>5.8, June 2010
  Appendix - Improved Macroseismic Web Mapping Tool, MIDOP manual, June 2010
D10 NA4 European Earthquake Catalogue 1000-1963, M>5.8, June 2010
D11 Long-term implementation plan and vision of the European "Archive of Hitorical EArthquake Data" (AHEAD), June 2010