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Andrenacci et al., 2023

Andrenacci C., Bello S., Barbano M.S., de Nardis R., Pirrotta C., Pietrolungo F., Lavecchia G., 2023. Reappraisal and Analysis of Macroseismic Data for Seismotectonic Purposes: The Strong Earthquakes of Southern Calabria, Italy. Geosciences. 2023; 13(7):212.

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In tectonically active areas, such as the Italian peninsula, studying the faults responsible for strong earthquakes is often challenging, especially when the earthquakes occurred in historical times. In such cases, geoscientists need to integrate all the available information from historical reports, surface geology, and geophysics to constrain the faults responsible for the earthquakes from a seismotectonic point of view. In this paper, we update and review, according to the EMS-98 scale, the macroseismic fields of the five main events of the 1783 Calabria sequence (5, 6, and 7 February, 1 and 28 March, Mw 5.9 to 7.1), two other destructive events within the same epicentral area of the 1783 sequence (1791, Mw 6.1 and 1894, Mw 6.1), plus the Messina Strait 1908 earthquake (Mw 7.1). For the 1783 seismic sequence, we also elaborate an updated and new catalog of coseismic effects. The new macroseismic fields were analyzed using a series of MATLAB algorithms to identify (1) the unitarity of the field or its partitioning in sub-sources and (2) the field and sub-fields’ main elongation. A collection of earthquake scale laws from literature was used to compute the average source parameters (length, width, and area) with their range of variability, and an elliptical map-view representation of the source geometry was calculated and made available. The analyses of such data allow us to speculate on the earthquakes/faults association, as well as propose new interpretations and reconstruct the space–time evolution of the significant southern Calabria seismic sequences in the last five centuries.

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  DataDate    Area epicentraleEpicentral area    MDPs   Imax  EQ in
EQ in
Riferim. in
1783 02 05Central-Southern Calabria  363  10-11    
1783 02 06Central-Southern Calabria  81  9    
1783 02 07Central-Southern Calabria  226  10-11    
1783 03 01Central-Southern Calabria  21  8-9    
1783 03 28Central-Southern Calabria  333  10-11    
1791 10 13Central Calabria  75  8-9    
1894 11 16Southern Calabria  302  9    
1908 12 28Messina Strait  814  10-11