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Branno et al., 1984

Branno A., Esposito E., Luongo G., Marturano A., Porfido S., Rinaldis V., 1984. The October 4th, 1983 - Magnitude 4 earthquake in Phlegraean Fields: Macroseismic survey. Bulletin Volcanologique 47, 233–238.

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On Oct. 4th, 1983 the area of Phlegraean Fields, near Naples (Southern Italy) was shaked by an earthquake of magnitude (ML) 4.0 that caused some damage in the town of Pozzuoli and its surroundings. This seismic event was the largest one recorded during the recent (1982–84) inflation episode occurred in the Phlegraean volcanic area, and a detailed macroseismic reconstruction of the event was carried out. Failing macroseismic data on other earthquakes occurred in Phlegraean Fields, the attenuation law of the intensity as a function of the distance as obtained for the Oct. 4th earthquake was compared with those obtained for other volcanic areas in central Italy - i.e., Tolfa, Monte Amiata - in order to check the reliability of the results obtained for Phlegraean Fields. The Blake's model of the earthquake of Oct. 4th, 1983 does not agree with the experimental data because isoseismals contain areas larger than those shown by the model. This result has been interpreted as an effect of energy focusing due to a reflecting layer 6–8 km deep.

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1983 10 04 08 09 59.68Phlegraean Fields  -  -