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Galli et al., 2017

Galli P., Castenetto S., Peronace E., 2017. The macroseismic intensity distribution of the October 30, 2016 earthquake in central Italy (Mw 6.6). Seismotectonic implications. Tectonics, 36.

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The central Italy Apennines were rocket in 2016 by the strongest earthquakes of the past 35 years. Two mainshocks (Mw 6.2 and Mw 6.6) between the end of August and October caused the death of almost 300 people, and the destruction of 50 villages and small towns scattered along 40 km in the hanging wall of the N165° striking Mount Vettore fault system, i.e., the structure responsible for the earthquakes. The August 24 southern earthquake, besides causing all the casualties, razed to the ground the small medieval town of Amatrice, and dozens of hamlets around it. The October 30 mainshock crushed definitely all the villages of the whole epicentral area (up to 11 intensity degree), extending northward the level of destruction, and inducing heavy damage even to the 30-km-far Camerino town. The survey of the macroseismic effects started the same day of the first mainshock, and continued during the whole seismic sequence, even during and after the strong earthquakes at the end of October, allowing the definition of a detailed picture of the damage distribution, day by day. Here we present the results of the final survey in term of Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg (MCS) intensity, which account for the cumulative effects of the whole 2016 sequence (465 intensity datapoints, besides 435 related to the August 24 and 54 to the October 26 events, respectively). The distribution of the highest intensity datapoints evidenced the lack of any possible overlap between the 2016 earthquakes and the strongest earthquakes of the region, making this sequence a unique case in the seismic history of Italy. In turn, the cross-matching with published paleoseismic data provided some interesting insights concerning the seismogenic behavior of the Mount Vettore fault in comparison with other active normal faults of the region.

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  DataDate    Area epicentraleEpicentral area    MDPs   Imax  EQ in
EQ in
Riferim. in
2016 08 24Accumoli  438  10-11    
2016 10 26Visso  54  9-10    
2016 10 30 07 40Norcia  464  11