The Scientific and Historical Heritage of Jean Vogt


Jean Vogt has left to us a huge, varied and complex heritage made by papers published on a number of local and international journals. They supply us with an incredible amount of information that he gathered and put together critically from his restless investigation in the archives of many parts of the world. Besides, a lot of unpublished material (letters, comments, references, etc.), that he exchanged with some colleagues or just sent to journals, carry invaluable information and still wait for being made available.
Although Jean did not have in mind the idea of organising his own material for making it available to the public, we would like to do it as homage to his memory and for the benefit of those who appreciate his work.


Jean Vogt's interests and contributions encompassed many topics, but they mainly refer to two, main topics:
- Social and Rural history of Alsace
- Historical Seismology.

To start with, the list below only contains papers and "notes" that can be traced by accessing the Web. For each link it is clearly specified whether it contains either simply a reference to material that has to be read in hardcopy, or to a full-text online.
What follows is just a first release; more will be added. Anyone who could contribute with more links and references is welcome. Please, send your information to



Works by Jean Vogt referenced or available online

(first release, P.A., 5 July 2005)



Social and Rural History of Alsace




Historical Seismology