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ASMI is part of the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data (AHEAD) portal, the European node for the collection and distribution of historical earthquake data in the framework of EPOS.

The Italian Archive of Historical Earthquake Data ASMI (Archivio Storico Macrosismico Italiano) provides access to data on more than 6500 Italian earthquakes in the period 461 b.C to 2020, deriving from more than 430 seismological studies. For each earthquake, different kinds of studies are accessible, giving a wide perspective on the multiplicity of the available information.

The archive is accessible either by earthquake or by study, and data are presented as texts (original studies, descriptions of the earthquake effects, possibly), tables (earthquake parameters, macroseismic intensities), and maps (interactive maps showing epicentres, and intensity distributions).

ASMI is a platform giving access to different studies and alternative data on the same earthquake, and is the basic tool for the collection, homogenization, comparison and validation of the data for the compilation of the Italian Macroseismic Database (DBMI), and the Parametric Catalogue of Italian Earthquakes (CPTI).


2024-03-26. Macroseismic studies and surveys of the period 1980-1990 archived: Margottini et al. (1983), Branno et al. (1984), Monachesi and Raccichini (1987), Marturano et al. (1988), Monachesi and Frapiccini (1996), Frapiccini et al. (1997), Tertulliani et al. (1998).

2024-02-27. New study archived: Fioraso (2020).

2024-01-22. New study archived: Camassi et al. (2023).

2023-09-05. New study archived: Andrenacci et al. (2023).

2023-08-29. New study archived: Ercolani et al. (2023).

2023-08-02. New study archived: Baranello (2023).

2022-04-28. Data on earthquakes in 2021 archived.

2023-03-09. New study archived: Tertulliani et al. (2022).

2023-02-17. New study archived: Bernardini et al. (2022).

2023-02-01. New study archived: Paolini et al. (2023).

2023-01-30. New study archived: Galli et al. (2022).

2022-03-14. New study archived: Rossi et al. (2022).

2022-03-14. New study archived: Massucci et al. (1996).

2022-01-11. New study archived: Galea (2007).

2021-01-31. New study archived: Barbano et al. (2021).

2021-12-23. Data on earthquakes in 2020 archived.

2021-12-20. New filter in the query by earthquake, new information in the query by data source, addedd abstracts o the studies.

2021-11-29. New study archived: D'Amico et al. (2021).

2021-11-26. New studies archived: SisFrance (2016), Manchuel et al., (2018).

2021-11-25. New studies archived: Kárník et al., (1978), Bottari and Lo Giudice (1975).

2021-11-24. New study archived: Caracciolo et al. (2021).

2021-11-23. New study archived: Selva et al. (2021).

2021-11-22. New study archived: Guidoboni and Mariotti (2011).

2021-11-19. New study archived: Caracciolo (2021).

2021-05-24. New study archived: Tertulliani et al. (2018).

2021-01-26. Update with: 1) temporal extension to the years 2018 and 2019, including the studies of Arcoraci et al. (2019), Azzaro et al. (2020a); Bernardini et al. (2019), Castellano et al. (2018); QUEST (2019); 2) inclusion of CPTI15v3, new release of the catalogue; 3) data on casualties for earthquakes with maximum intensity 7 or 7-8 in CPTI15; 4) experimental ShakeMaps for a few test earthquakes.

2020-12-17. New study archived: Meletti et al. (2020a).

2020-11-25. New study archived: Meletti et al. (2020).

2020-11-12. New studies archived: Castellano and Tertulliani (2020), Cucci et al. (2020), Tertulliani et al. (2020).

2020-07-07. New studies archived: Azzaro et al. (2020a), Azzaro et al. (2020b), earthquakes between 2014 and 2017 in Catalogo Macrosismico dei Terremoti Etnei (CMTE), Camassi et al. (2009a), Bottari et al. (1981), Favali et al. (1980)

2020-03-19. New studies archived: Caracciolo (2020), Galli et al. (2020).

2019-10-18. Data on earthquakes in the period 2015-2017 archived, including the macroseismic studies on the 2016-2017 sequence in Central Italy: Azzaro et al. (2017a); Galli et al. (2016, 2016a, 2017); QUEST (2016); Rossi et al. (2019); Tertulliani et al. (2016, 2016a); Zanini et al., (2016). Also included the 21st of August 2017 Ischia earthquake: Azzaro et al., 2017.

2019-04-17. New studies archived: Alexandre and Alexandre (2012), Hammerl and Lenhardt (2013), Nappi et al. (2017), Cubellis and Luongo (2017), Herak et al. (2017), Herak et al. (2018), Schwarz-Zanetti et al. (2018), Galli and Pallone (2019).

2019-01-10. New study archived: Catalogo Macrosismico dei Terremoti Etnei.

2018-11-23. New study archived: CFTI5med (2018).

2018-10-23. Web. When there is more than one MDP set available for an earthquake, it is now possible to compare the sets by pressing the button "Compare MDP sets".

2018-06-20. New studies archived: Arcoraci et al. (2012b), Azzaro et al. (2008), Barbano and Rigano (2001), Camassi et al. (2009), D'Amico et al. (2009), Del Mese et al. (2008), QUEST (2002b), QUEST (2004), Tertulliani et al. (2017), Tertulliani and Castellano (2018).

2018-06-15. Web Services. Extended the search functionalities of the Gazetteer web service and added GeoJSON among the supported output formats.

2018-04-25. Web. Added QuakeML (XML) and Comma Separated Value (CSV) among the formats for downloading intensity data tables (experimental service).

2018-04-20. Web. Added the possibility of visualizing and downloading as KML files the intensity data tables (experimental service).

2018-02-28. Web. Added the new OGC WMS web service among the existing list of supported web services for a direct access to data.

2018-01-29. Data on casualties, injured, derived from some of the archived studies, is now clearly reported in window of the selected earthquake.

2018-01-12. Web. New section "Other data" into the selected earthquake window reporting links to external databases: 1) Centro Nazionale Terremoti (CNT), 2) Euro-Mediterranean Tsunami Catalogue (EMTC) e 3) Italian Accelerometric Archive (ITACA).

2017-11-17. New study archived: "Evidence of active tectonics in southern Italy: the Rossano fault (Calabria)" by Galli et al. 2010.

2017-11-11 New study archived. "Macroseismic fields of the main Friuli shocks of 1976” by Procházková et al. 1979.

2017-10-23. Web. Publicly available new web services for accessing ASMI data, still experimental, use with care.

2017-09-26. New study archived: "Materiali per un catalogo di eruzioni di Vulcano e di terremoti delle Isole Eolie e della Sicilia nordorientale (secc. XV-XIX)” by Barbano M.S., Castelli V., Pirrotta C.

2017-09-25. New study archived: "The little-known earthquakes of 1643 in Sicily” di Galli P., 2016

2017-09-25. New study archived: "The 1933 Majella earthquake (Central Italy): a reappraisal of the intensity distribution” by Pallone F. e Galli P., 2016

2017-06-30. Web. The website of the Italian Historical Macroseismic Archive (ASMI) is open to the public.

2017-05-10. New study archived: "The 7 and 11 May 1984 earthquakes in Abruzzo-Latium (Central Italy): reappraisal of the existing macroseismic datasets according to the EMS98", by Graziani L., Tertulliani A., Maramai A., Rossi A., and Arcoraci L..

2016-12-16. New study archived: "Aggiornamento delle conoscenze sul terremoto del 28 luglio 1799 nel sub-Appennino maceratese", by Monachesi G., Castelli V., and Camassi R.

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